A Darker Sequel with the Fifty Shades

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has been a significant hit in both stores and movie theatres. Many have likened the trilogy to the Twilight trilogy and have done rightfully so. This is because both book series have been successfully globally with each set selling millions of copies worldwide and garnering millions of dollars in movie ticket sales from their movie adaptations. But what has been magnetizing millions of readers to the fifty shades of grey series? Is it the characters or the emotions that the characters display? The author of the trilogy, E.L James, carefully wove several themes into her series of books that gave them the global appeal they have enjoyed thus far.

The first and most obvious reason that made the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, very popular with both old and young readers alike is the sex scenes that the books portray. The sex scenes depicted in the books which can be described as ‘Fifty shades darker,’ are some of the most vivid and precisely described sex scenes anyone is going to find in a book. The scenes also introduce the readers into the world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, and Submission) as a way of enjoying tantalizing sex. Such views have been prevalent especially for older couples who have lost the fun they had in sex. The book series inspire such a couple to dive into new sexual fantasies and experiments that might revive their sexual lives.

Love and romance is the other aspect which continues to draw millions of readers to the book series, which includes Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Free and the free audiobook download Fifty Shades Darker. The love and romance that the book portrays is probably the reason that draws readers the most. First of all, the book plays out the kind of fantasy that every woman wants for themselves. That a knight in shining armor will come riding into their lives on a magnificent horse and rescue them from the boring life that they have been living. The book portrays this knight as Christian, an astonishingly handsome young man with the body of a Greek God. Christian tops this fantasy to women as also being an immensely rich entrepreneur. This sort of fantasy can only make women want more of the book series.

Last but not least, the trilogy explores a side of love that many people want for themselves but do not get to study it. The fact that love can heal wounds that psychologists can’t cure. In the book series, the romance between Ana and Christian finally heals the wounds that Christian had during the first four years of his life. The Fifty shades of grey trilogy generally teaches people on how to embrace different aspects of love and romance that albeit being a fantasy in the books, are correct in real life. Such elements of love are what have drawn millions of readers to the books.

Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

The Heart of Darkness is audio of Charles Marlow experience as a European explorer in the Congo Basin region. The story recollects the hideous savage encounters faced by Charles Marlow as a captain in charge of ivory transportation on the Congo River. The narratives compare this brutal behavior in the heart of the African continent with imperialism conquest of the European under the guise of civilization. A parallel juxtaposition between primitive cultures in pre-colonial Africa with European imperialism betrays colonial civilization as hypocritical. This hypocrisy is evident in the parallel between the natives’ brutality against each other characterized by exploitation, starvation, and enslavement with the coercive injustices meted against the natives at large by agents of European imperial company.

The Heart of Darkness audio narrative also parallels the colonial imperialist hypocrisy with the moral hypocrisy of the human nature. This parallel is evident in Captain Marlow’s discovery of the right moral disposition of Mr. Kurtz, the community ruler when Marlow is forced to say a little longer at Central Station after his steamboat breaks down. Initially, Mr. Kurtz is described by the Chief Accountant at the Outer Station as a “first-class agent. However, Marlow later discovers the mystery behind Mr. Kurtz during his unplanned stay at the Central Station whereby Mr. Kurtz turns out to be another savage community ruler. Marlow’s hence learns the hard way about the inherently selfish and cruel human nature, which is different from his romantic fantasy about people.

The majority of the audience that listens to The Heart of Darkness audiobook free download acknowledges its as a superb story with a beautiful theme. The narrative’s juxtaposition of imperialism versus barbarism and public image versus moral character represents one of the most controversial debates in the contemporary world. Such controversy is evident on the discussion whether the proper role of a contestant to political office matters. This debate is illustrated by recent scandals involving political leaders such as the Lewinsky Scandal. The current United States race to the White House also characteristically mirrors the theme of human nature featured in the Heart of Darkness narrative. For instance, should we turn a blind eye to Donald Trump’s questionable character and instead exclusively focus on his business acumen.

Despite Heart of Darkness brilliant and contemporary relevant themes, a sizable number of the audience complains about the audio narrators’ voice as well as their mismatch with the real character of the narrative. Some audience describes the voice as sadly horrible, while others complain against the employment of female’s narrators as representatives of male characters in the story. This mismatch is evident in the female voice that is supposed to mimic males’ soul tormented in the ship, where her soprano voice doesn’t match the expected males’ deep voice.